dinsdag 11 maart 2014

~ Outfit post: Candy Dreams (First blog post!) ~

Hello everyone! 

I feel so nervous, even if it's just typing... Hehe, silly me! But hey, this is actually my first blog post ever! So yay for that! (~ ^▽^)~ 
I decided to make it a short post with some pictures of my outfit for next convention, Made in Asia.
I'm wearing the Angelic Pretty jsk 'Candy Fairy' so I wanted my outfit to be in that theme, fairy-ish and with some candy-related accesories! Ever since owning my first AP dress in sax (Sugary carnival!), I really wanted more sax and since I totally love the non-print tulle dresses of Angelic Pretty too, I decided to buy Candy Fairy!
But enough talk, I'll show you sweeties my outfit! :D

Full outfit shot! (Sorry about the bad quality picture >u<):

Wig - Lockshop
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Tulle overskirt - Owloli (link to Facebook-page of her amazing work:  https://www.facebook.com/owloli?fref=ts)
Cutsew - Angelic Pretty
Bag - Loris
Socks - Angelic Pretty & Offbrand
Shoes - Secret Shop
Accessories - handmade, offbrand, chocomint, Btssb, BonjourHoney

Closeup of my bag and overskirt, which is made in pink tulle, it's so cute! I totally love transparent items in lolita fashion, chiffon blouses for example are very cute too.
(& Yes, I'm bringing that candy with me at the convention, to give some to my friends but also to some strangers if they're lucky, haha! :D)

Close-up of the lace of the overskirt and my socks! I love both with my whole heart, they're so cute and match very well!

 Close-up of my face & hair accessories!

And another face close-up to end my first post with!

That was about it for this time, thank you so much for reading! (Sorry for the very short and not very interesting post, I hope to post some pictures about my latest clothing haul soon! I just will have to get used to this, haha >v< I hope you all like this first post, though!)
Stay tuned, sweeties! 

♥ Hugs, Merel 

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