maandag 21 april 2014

Latest shopping (& online) hauls ~

Hello sweetiepies! I just discovered that it has been a month that I made my last post here... Oops, I'm a bad updater! ;_; Forgive me </3
Anyway, in that time I've been to London for the Japanese Street Fashion Event 'Enchanted' (Pictures on my Facebook account, might post them on here later too, if requested!). Apart from attending the event, I also spent 4 more days in London: it's my favorite city and I truely feel home there. I went there with my friend Laure and we're both madly love kawaii fashion and pastels so... That was pretty obvious in our hauls, haha. :D In this post I'll be showing y'all what I bought at the event, in London (mainly Oxford Street & Camden Town) and also what I recently bought online. I hope you will all enjoy it! If you have questions about any particular item, ask away ~ ♥ 


First of all... The most perfect PJ's in the world! 8D ♥♥ Unicorns everywhere ♥♥ This is from Primark and both pieces are sold seperately (but both supercheap!)

Details \o/ Unicorns everywhere!

If you look closely... The unicorn sparkles! EVEN MORE PERFECT!! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

And like most of the time in the UK... The weather was very rainy and I forgot to take a raincoat with me *genius Merel* but I found a very cute baby yellow one in Camden! It has the cutest shape and print and because of the width it would also fit on loli dresses ~ Double score! (The bag next to it is where you can put the coat in, very useful to take with you in your purse, right? :D)
Details of the cute raincoat... I love how it's transparent but still has this cute print on it which makes it cuter than a normal plastic raincoat ~!

More, more, more ~ Shoes (online): Swimmer
Socks (from left to right): Camden, Camden, Angelic Pretty (from Dreamy Bows), Oasis 

Close-up of the Primark bag... The most perfect schoolbag in the world! It was only £9 and has a cute photo frame where you can put a cute picture in (as you can see I put an AP sticker in it, teehee, AP-fying everything ~~) 
Sweater time ♥ For casual days, sweaters are defo my favorite item to wear. They are so cute, comfortable and snuggly! ^-^ They fit cute on skirts, but also look great on just a plain jeans, so that makes it a great casual item too ~
Left: L O V E sweater - Mango
Right (online): Cotton Candy series sweater - Milklim

More pastel cuteness!
Left: Bow cardigan - Vanilla London (Camden)
Right: Thriftshop (Camden)

♥ Dresses!
Left to right: Vanilla London, Camden shop (name unknown), Nadia (online) 

And ofcourse... Skirts!
Left to right: Milklim, Pinkly Ever After (online), H&M

I obviously love the Cotton Candy series from Milklim, I know, I know... Haha I still want every colourway of both the sweater and shirt! Some day, some day ;3;!
The headbow is from Angelic Pretty (bought at Enchanted at Dreamy Bows) and it's one of favorite ones right now. :D I like big side-way bows, because they go well in an OTT coord! I do not own a lot of yellow stuff yet, but that will come. It's an adorable colour with baby blue, pastel pink and lavender!

Another sheer peignoir/cardi-thingie! I love these kind of things way too much. This one is from H&M!

Please don't mind the un-ironed clothes ;A; they came out of the luggage so yeah... It's pretty obvious I had to push them all in my way-too-full suitcase :'D
Left: Music on, World off (Feed your heart) sweater - Pimkie
Right: Bear suspender skirt: Milklim (online)

And ofcourse... Another alpaca! (for those questioning, I have 10 of them now ;A; hehe)
I bought this one because when I saw it, I couldn't stop laughing: I felt like this displays me in alpaca-form haha
(because of the tutu, the pinkness, the sassy princess look? I don't even know but this creature is too relevant in my life and I needed it way too badly :'DD)

The shop itself was very tiny but cute, with a lot of alpacas and kigurumis. It was in Soho, if I'm not mistaken! The girl is very friendly too and gave me one of her visit cards (that looks adorable too!) ~ 

Raffle price at the Enchaned event! This thing is pretty cute in a weird way haha :D It's from the shop MyauMania!

And last (but defo not least!): perfect gifts from my dear friend Nicky ♥ She really knows me, haha! (Just look at that cat, it's perfection!) She made the necklace herself, isn't it supercute? *^*

So... That was it, for this time! I hope it was a pretty interesting post anyway, even though I did not have a lot of inspiration for a blog post. ;A; Let me know what you think about it and have a nice day! 

Much love & hugs,

♥♥ Merel ♥♥ 

zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Lolita wardrobe post! Pastels everywhere ~ ♥

Hello there sweeties! <3
My second blog post here, will be (as promised)... A wardrobe post! Yay!
It took me a few hours to arrange all of my clothes, accessories and more... All the lolita-stuff I have (except from wigs), will be shown off in these pictures!
So I hope you'll all like it as much as I do!! ^_^ Enjoy!

First, some dresses... :3
50 shades of blue! Haha :3 From left to right: Dream sky jsk,
candy fairy jsk and Sugary carnival (re-release) OP

More more more! From left to right: Lady Polkadot chiffon jsk, Day Dream Carnival OP, Sugar Hearts OP

Blouses & cutsews! Top: from left to right: thriftshop, offbrand, Angelic Pretty
Bottom: from left to right: thriftshop, thriftshop, Angelic Pretty
Time for sheer peignoirs! I love transparent things in lolita fashion, it makes every outfit so dreamy! These are all from thriftshops! <3

My loli-able cardigans! Top: from left to right: Angelic Pretty, New Look, F21
Bottom: offbrand, AP (sugary carnival)

The tiny goth collection I have! From left to right: AatP Carousel Applique jsk,
Lily J Blouse, Chess Story blouse

And ofcourse, nice coats to keep myself warm in winter times! From left to right: DreamV, Bodyline, Bodyline

My collection of headbows/pieces and bonnets! (H&M, Claires, Fly Away Fashion, Shirley Deer, handmade, Angelic Pretty, Btssb, Lockshop)

And now the part we've secretly all been waiting for.. (Okay, at least I was, because this was a lot of work!!) ACCESSORIES <3 My most favorite thing in sweet lolita!
(Handmade, Chocomint, Angelic Pretty, Pinkly Ever After, Bijou Brigitte, Mizkai (Candyholic), Bodyline, Claires, H&M, BonjourHoney)

And some more close-ups since it's pretty much to capture in just one picture! ^_^'

Time for shoes! I don't have that many, but still a nice collection for lolita and also very useful for casual-cute or fairy kei!
Top: from left to right: Pieces, Pieces, Secret shop (with bodyline shoeclips)
Bottom: all three pairs are from Secret Shop!
(These are amazingly comfortable, I think I want all colours haha <3)

My cute bag collection! *_* It's always nice to have a cute pastel purse that fits with cute pastel clothes! (Although the plushie AP bags really don't have any space in them, they are more a kind of accessory! Still adore them though. :3)
Top: from left to right: Loris, Angelic Pretty, Fly Away Fashion, Angelic Pretty
Bottom: Angelic Pretty, Loris, Loris, Angelic Pretty
 Now some other cute stuff, not sure where to actually put them (because of the colours or because of the fact that I have just one piece of that kind of clothing haha), so I've decided to just put them together in one picture! :D 
From left to right: Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty (Dreamy Dollhouse salopette), Angelic Pretty, handmade (by Owloli on Facebook: : she is very talented and this overskirt truely makes every outfit even cuter and more elegant <3)

My 2nd favourite thing in lolita fashion... All the cute print socks!! *__*
Top: from left to right: AP, AP, AP, AP, Secret Shop, AP, AP, Metamorphose, offbrand, offbrand
Bottom: from left to right: Offbrand, offbrand, AP, offbrand, AP, New Look, offbrand, offbrand, Nile Perch, AP

More close-ups ~

So that was all for this time! Hehe! It seriously took aaaages to make all these pics, so I hope you all love them! I started wearing lolita fashion about 3.5 years ago and (obviously) totally fell in love with (OTT) sweet lolita, especially with the prints/dresses of Angelic Pretty. :D
If you have any questions about some piece you see, please ask me on my blog or Facebook account! ^_^

May the frills be with you! 

Much love & hugs,

♥ Merel 

dinsdag 11 maart 2014

~ Outfit post: Candy Dreams (First blog post!) ~

Hello everyone! 

I feel so nervous, even if it's just typing... Hehe, silly me! But hey, this is actually my first blog post ever! So yay for that! (~ ^▽^)~ 
I decided to make it a short post with some pictures of my outfit for next convention, Made in Asia.
I'm wearing the Angelic Pretty jsk 'Candy Fairy' so I wanted my outfit to be in that theme, fairy-ish and with some candy-related accesories! Ever since owning my first AP dress in sax (Sugary carnival!), I really wanted more sax and since I totally love the non-print tulle dresses of Angelic Pretty too, I decided to buy Candy Fairy!
But enough talk, I'll show you sweeties my outfit! :D

Full outfit shot! (Sorry about the bad quality picture >u<):

Wig - Lockshop
Dress - Angelic Pretty
Tulle overskirt - Owloli (link to Facebook-page of her amazing work:
Cutsew - Angelic Pretty
Bag - Loris
Socks - Angelic Pretty & Offbrand
Shoes - Secret Shop
Accessories - handmade, offbrand, chocomint, Btssb, BonjourHoney

Closeup of my bag and overskirt, which is made in pink tulle, it's so cute! I totally love transparent items in lolita fashion, chiffon blouses for example are very cute too.
(& Yes, I'm bringing that candy with me at the convention, to give some to my friends but also to some strangers if they're lucky, haha! :D)

Close-up of the lace of the overskirt and my socks! I love both with my whole heart, they're so cute and match very well!

 Close-up of my face & hair accessories!

And another face close-up to end my first post with!

That was about it for this time, thank you so much for reading! (Sorry for the very short and not very interesting post, I hope to post some pictures about my latest clothing haul soon! I just will have to get used to this, haha >v< I hope you all like this first post, though!)
Stay tuned, sweeties! 

♥ Hugs, Merel