zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Lolita wardrobe post! Pastels everywhere ~ ♥

Hello there sweeties! <3
My second blog post here, will be (as promised)... A wardrobe post! Yay!
It took me a few hours to arrange all of my clothes, accessories and more... All the lolita-stuff I have (except from wigs), will be shown off in these pictures!
So I hope you'll all like it as much as I do!! ^_^ Enjoy!

First, some dresses... :3
50 shades of blue! Haha :3 From left to right: Dream sky jsk,
candy fairy jsk and Sugary carnival (re-release) OP

More more more! From left to right: Lady Polkadot chiffon jsk, Day Dream Carnival OP, Sugar Hearts OP

Blouses & cutsews! Top: from left to right: thriftshop, offbrand, Angelic Pretty
Bottom: from left to right: thriftshop, thriftshop, Angelic Pretty
Time for sheer peignoirs! I love transparent things in lolita fashion, it makes every outfit so dreamy! These are all from thriftshops! <3

My loli-able cardigans! Top: from left to right: Angelic Pretty, New Look, F21
Bottom: offbrand, AP (sugary carnival)

The tiny goth collection I have! From left to right: AatP Carousel Applique jsk,
Lily J Blouse, Chess Story blouse

And ofcourse, nice coats to keep myself warm in winter times! From left to right: DreamV, Bodyline, Bodyline

My collection of headbows/pieces and bonnets! (H&M, Claires, Fly Away Fashion, Shirley Deer, handmade, Angelic Pretty, Btssb, Lockshop)

And now the part we've secretly all been waiting for.. (Okay, at least I was, because this was a lot of work!!) ACCESSORIES <3 My most favorite thing in sweet lolita!
(Handmade, Chocomint, Angelic Pretty, Pinkly Ever After, Bijou Brigitte, Mizkai (Candyholic), Bodyline, Claires, H&M, BonjourHoney)

And some more close-ups since it's pretty much to capture in just one picture! ^_^'

Time for shoes! I don't have that many, but still a nice collection for lolita and also very useful for casual-cute or fairy kei!
Top: from left to right: Pieces, Pieces, Secret shop (with bodyline shoeclips)
Bottom: all three pairs are from Secret Shop!
(These are amazingly comfortable, I think I want all colours haha <3)

My cute bag collection! *_* It's always nice to have a cute pastel purse that fits with cute pastel clothes! (Although the plushie AP bags really don't have any space in them, they are more a kind of accessory! Still adore them though. :3)
Top: from left to right: Loris, Angelic Pretty, Fly Away Fashion, Angelic Pretty
Bottom: Angelic Pretty, Loris, Loris, Angelic Pretty
 Now some other cute stuff, not sure where to actually put them (because of the colours or because of the fact that I have just one piece of that kind of clothing haha), so I've decided to just put them together in one picture! :D 
From left to right: Angelic Pretty, Angelic Pretty (Dreamy Dollhouse salopette), Angelic Pretty, handmade (by Owloli on Facebook: : she is very talented and this overskirt truely makes every outfit even cuter and more elegant <3)

My 2nd favourite thing in lolita fashion... All the cute print socks!! *__*
Top: from left to right: AP, AP, AP, AP, Secret Shop, AP, AP, Metamorphose, offbrand, offbrand
Bottom: from left to right: Offbrand, offbrand, AP, offbrand, AP, New Look, offbrand, offbrand, Nile Perch, AP

More close-ups ~

So that was all for this time! Hehe! It seriously took aaaages to make all these pics, so I hope you all love them! I started wearing lolita fashion about 3.5 years ago and (obviously) totally fell in love with (OTT) sweet lolita, especially with the prints/dresses of Angelic Pretty. :D
If you have any questions about some piece you see, please ask me on my blog or Facebook account! ^_^

May the frills be with you! 

Much love & hugs,

♥ Merel 

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  1. Whaaaah your collection is amazing! I love how you displayed your accessories. :3

    1. Thank you sweetie!! Yeah, I wanted it to look cute, it took me a lot of work though haha! But it all was worth it in the end ~ <3

  2. Thank you so much <3! Your wardrobe is lovely, all the accessories O.O!!!